Valves Refurbishing

Our in-shop repair capabilities include the repair of virtually all types of gate, globe, check & ball valves. Large machine tools and Hydro-testing machines enable us to easily repair and test large and high pressure BWE valves. In- house capabilities mean the job is performed quickly and in a cost effective manner.

All Valves
• Complete refurbishment (dismantling, cleaning, inspection, assembling, testing & certification)
• Reconditioning of components
• Repairing of actuators (pneumatic, electro-pneumatic or hydraulic/gear operated.
• Testing facilities for all classes and sizes of valves.

Ball Valves
• Reconditioning of ball
• Rebuilding & machining of seats pockets.
• Fabrication of spares like seat holder, stem, Trunnion
• Machining of new seat inserts (Reinforced Teflon, Nylon or Peek Ketron)
• Upgrading of Ball, Seat pockets and sealing areas with Inconel 625, SS316L etc. as per approved WPS/PQR

Gate/Globe/Check Valves
• Rebuilding of wedge/plugs/flapper
• Repair, machining and lapping of seats
• Manufacture of spares to OEM requirement

• Machining & lapping of seats and disc
• Calibration

Additional Services
• Shutdown and commissioning assistance
• Supply of spares manufactured in-house