Turbo Machinery Servicing

Our pump repair technicians are experienced in reconditioning all makes and types of rotating equipment including pumps, turbines, mixers and centrifuges. Our full-service machine shop and weld shop allows us to offer complete overhauls including the following services.

Types of Pumps specialization
• Vertical Surge pumps for sea water
• Booster pumps
• Hydraulic Pumps (Gear Pumps)

Repair Capabilities

• New Impeller manufacturing by casting process
• Weld up and reconditioning of gasket surfaces
• Overhauling or manufacturing of Diffusers
• Blasting, Cleaning and reconditioning of Bowls/Volutes.
• Discharge Heads Repair
• Shaft repair and balancing
• Manufacturing of new shafts
• Rotating element balancing
• Wear ring and sleeve fabrication and installation
• Thrust and line bearing replacement
• Mechanical seal refurbishment and/or upgrades
• Epoxy Coating of impeller
• On-Site Machining
• Failure Analysis
• Reverse Engineering
• Non-Destructive Testing
• Metal Spray
• Brazing
• Heat Treating
• Weld Repairs.